02 July 2012

Sounds familiar…

A round-up of recent Déjà vu-ish offerings:


Senior living developments upgrade offerings for baby boomers
July 01, 2012 by Lisa Kocian
…Choice is the buzzword for a wave of high-end senior communities opening or expanding in area communities…

advbb (2)From my book Advertising to Baby Boomers ©2005, 2007:

Chapter Four: Give Boomers Room for Choices
….When developing or molding a community for Baby Boomers, start with the concept of ―neutral. Do not confuse this with ―sameness. For example, when designing an indoor community space, do not assume that it will be used mostly for Bingo. Fashion it with flexibility so that it may be used for almost anything...

Product Packaging for Baby Boom Generation
By Rodica Ceslov, Published June 25, 2012
…Product packaging for the baby boom generation is a major issue for them as individuals and also for the pharma industry as a whole, as they recognize the huge market that needs to accommodate expectations.

I’ve talked about pills, but first talked about candy:

Boomers in Candyland
12 June 2006
"In England, they've done a lot of studies about 'wrap rage,' and it goes much deeper than not being able to open a bottle of medicine, for instance. It's anything, any consumer goods packaging that people have trouble opening, and as Baby Boomers are starting to age, they are very sensitive to this."

Why Baby Boomers are the innovators of the future
By Dominic Basulto
Baby Boomers are starting companies at a faster pace than ever before …  This means we may be witnessing a passing of the innovation baton to members of the older generation.

The book, this from 2005:

ADVERTISING TO BABY BOOMERS Targets Clients and Entrepreneurs (2005)
image…A large section of the book is dedicated to helping Baby Boomer entrepreneurs get their marketing and advertising up and running.

Despite the Buzz, Social-Media Users Still Not Really Interested in Your Ads
by Rance Crain
The problem with Facebook and other social media is that they were not designed to carry advertising.

imageAll my posts on the subject:

The Social Media - WOMM - Web Advertising Posts

imageBoom-ing Business: Analysts Suggest Retailers Focus on Baby Boomers
… The Great Recession may have sent boomers for a loop, but smart retailers will realize this group is still a powerful purchasing force...

I wish you could read my Pilgrim’s Tale.  It’s all about that.