24 June 2009

The Midlife Gals

From: Kelly Jackson
Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 3:17 PM
To: Chuck Nyren

gals1 Chuck,

We'd ask if we can call you Chuck, but as boomers, you know that we'd do it anyway.

We're two sisters from Texas. We're The Midlife Gals, who are making a name for ourselves all over the Internet (just google The Midlife Gals and poof ... first two to three pages of nothing BUT us).

We're KEEN to become spokeswomen marketing to boomers. We are presently writing a conversational weekly column and producing and starring in weekly videos for More Magazine online. For More Magazine, we're sort of a twisted, dangerous version of Dear Abby. We know that boomers need humor and react to that type of marketing. We're sort of The Smothers Brothers with bosoms. Please peruse our website/blog:


How do you suggest we break through?? It's not as if we aren't TRYING!

KK and Sal

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