04 June 2009

Country Joe & The Fish, Dylan, Sixties Cinema … & Chuck

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AAC Amazon.com has upgraded (at least they think so) its author/publisher services.  I now have my own author’s page – with a slightly mangled RSS feed and a Chuck Nyren Forum (which I hope remains devoid of discussions).

advbbcover I’ve written one book, two versions.  However, while filling in all the do-dads there was a link to View and edit our list of your books. Being the curious sort, and wanting to know if I’d written any books I’d forgotten about, I clicked. Up popped over a dozen books.

GG The search engine found every mention of ‘Chuck Nyren’ in all Amazon.com books. I wrote a chapter for this one, wrote sections for this one and this one, blurbed this one, was quoted in this one and this one and this one.

There were surprises.  I have no idea what’s written by or about me in this one:

Contemporary Business
by Louis E. Boone , David L. Kurtz
CBOpening new doors of possibility can be difficult.  CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS 13e gives students the business language they need to feel confident in taking the first steps toward becoming successful business majors and successful businesspeople.

I’m in awe of myself, whatever’s in there.  Last I looked the book costs $126.94. 

But the oddest surprise was finding a quote in this one:

DC Direct Cinema: Observational Documentary and the Politics of the Sixties
by Dave Saunders
Direct Cinema … offers a meticulously researched study of a significant period in the history of North American documentary film.

A sentence from the book and the quote:

quote1  quote2 quote3

The author found an online article from 1997 (so don’t expect those embedded links to work):

roundersCountry Joe and The Fish
Author: Chuck Nyren
Published on: September 1, 1997
For CJ, Fish and the gang the enormous popularity of this Anti-Vietnam War Anthem proved to be somewhat of a mixed blessing, overshadowing the rest of their truly inventive and wondrous music.

Golly gee willikers (I mean, “Far out!”). I might have to reevaluate who I really am, reinvent myself, add this impressive credential to my professional persona: Sixties Political and Counterculture Pundit.

I like the sound of that. 

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