02 April 2009

Retiring For The Night

bt I had a spirited chat the other day with Patricia Frank, a freelance journalist working on a cover story for BedTimes magazine:

Pat Frank Is your Web site hurtful or helpful?
by Patricia Frank
According to quantitative research conducted by the Better Sleep Council in 2007, 60% of mattress buyers conduct research before mattress shopping. Since 1996, the number of people “looking around in stores” and reading newspaper ads has declined steadily, while the number turning to the Internet has risen significantly.

I’ll take a wild guess that the story she’s putting together will be in the June issue:

bedtimes Editorial Calendar
June 2009
Retiring for the night
The wave of baby boomer retirements is just beginning. Their lifestyles and, in some cases, their health, are changing. How can the bedding industry meet the needs of this enormous demographic group?

Carol Orsborn is also being interviewed for the article.

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