03 April 2009

Academic Research on Boomers & Lifelong Learning

conferenceWord’s out that Ann Harwood wowed them with her exhaustively researched dissertation on higher learning and experiential travel at The 2009 Aging in America ASA-NCOA Conference:

ahOriginal Academic Research on Boomers & Lifelong Learning
“The findings of this study reveal the threads of interest in social responsibility work by Boomers and older adults. Higher education and lifelong learning institutes are in the prime position to provide leadership, college courses, training and programs that will empower these curious Boomers and hardy elders to give back to society by working in fulfilling jobs for the rest of their lives,” reported Harwood. “Social responsibility disciplines include human services, healthcare, education, environment, arts and culture management, and nonprofit community leadership ..”

I’ve written about these subjects in my book and here in the ether. A handful of related blog posts:

CC Baby Boomers, Adult Communities, and Education (2005)
Campus Continuum focuses solely on developing, marketing, and operating university-branded 55+ Active Adult Communities that are tightly integrated with their academic hosts.

Selfless baby boomers switch careers (2005)
Study shows majority of boomers looking to make a difference …

lifechangingtravel Boomers, Vacation, Travel (2006)
Over-50s make excellent volunteers as they bring with them different life skills and a different outlook to younger volunteers.

Me vs. We (2008)
Will boomers really give something back? They already are. Nationally, boomers (33%) have higher volunteer rates than either seniors (24%) or young adults (24%), reports the Corporation for National and Community Service. This is the most schooled and traveled generation in history. It has much to offer by the giving of its time. The number of American volunteers rose to 65.4 million last year from 59.5 million in 2002. It is projected to reach 70 million by 2010, driven by aging boomers who want to make a difference. (USA Today)

Cookie-Cutter Cavalcades (2009)
So you've escaped middle age and are ready for the long calm of retirement. What next? If you spend too much time rocking on the front porch, will your brain droop into autopilot? One antidote for this is educational travel. (AP)

More from Ann Harwood:

harwoodpp“The majority of people in the boomer age group are interested in getting training for work in social responsibility … Eighty seven percent (87%) of The University of Montana and sixty seven (67%) of Elderhostel respondents favor tax credits for training and/or working in public or community service jobs. There is also a segment of volunteer tourism that is growing steadily where some of the program expenses are tax deductible.”

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