25 November 2008

The Media & Baby Boomers: Joined At The Hip

Professor Douglas Gomery answers a handful of questions about Baby Boomers and Media:
Gomery says the boomers will continue to drive the media into the next two decades. As the largest demographic group, he says, "there is no historical model for the impact a group of people like the boomers (from 1946 to 64) have had and will have though 2020 or so."

Don't embarrass yourself by asking the reigning media and marketing mavens and moguls about Baby Boomers watching TV, listening to radio. Their eyes will glaze over, their lips will move slowly, mechanically, as they repeat The Mantra - a spooky, zombie-like drivel oozing with brain-washed rhetoric about the all-powerful 18-34 demographic.

Just as informative and even more fun: The Library of American Broadcasting. I spent too much time there clicking around. 

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