07 May 2008

Boomerfile TV

There's this fellow in Canada, Lorne Frohman. He's a television guy, writes and produces comedy, teaches graduate courses at Humber College.

And now he's podcasting via Boomerfile.tv.

I do stuff like this on another blog - although my broadcasting so far has been audio only. Actually, I've been tossing up bits and pieces of a radio show I did a handful of years ago. Click the arrow below:

The Slobberer

I chuckled at Lorne's take on social networking for Baby Boomers. Not much different than mine.

Like he wishes getback great success - I wish Lorne the same.


  1. Hi Chuck,

    I'm the Producer of the BoomerFile. I'd like to thank you very much for your kind words, we really appreciate it.


  2. Hi Chuck,

    I've just finished reading your book "Advertising to Baby Boomers" and am checking out your blog ...

    From what I gathered from your book, you're not too keen on "gurus" so I won't call you that lol but I will just say that from all the books and stuff I've read on the Baby Boomers market, your book is by far the most relevant to say the least. It's insightful, entertaining and to-the-point.

    I won't be sending you golf balls either ;)


    Marica Zammit

  3. Thanks so much, Marica. I’m tickled that you had fun reading it. I tried to make it entertaining – not a dull business book. Perhaps this is part of the reason why it’s done pretty well.

    I try to do the same with this blog – have some fun along with passing along what I hope will be useful information.

    Now, thanks to you, I need to run my head under some cold water. It’s swelled to three times its size …



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