20 January 2008

It's JerryTime!

I get lots of emails from people with dreadfully dreary products and ideas - and emails from people with good-to-exciting products/ideas for Baby Boomers.

With the latter, if we can work something out I take them on as clients. Or simply do some consulting. Or point them in other directions. Sometimes I even give free advice. (That's a lie. I give free advice much too often.)

I don't know what to do with what's below. Jerry emailed me and ... these animations and stories are brilliant. But I'm not a Hollywood agent. If you know what to do with It's JerryTime! - do it.

Don't watch the first one first because he's honoring the Writers' Strike. Go back to it (it's great, but not a typical episode):


In 2007 they won a Broadband Emmy.

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