01 January 2008

10 Ways Marketers Should Grow Up in 2008

Here's a great way to start off the New Year: Todd Harff's 10 Ways Marketers Should Grow Up in 2008.

Wise pieces of advice. If you follow some, most, or all of them you'll do just fine this year.

Number eight is my favorite:

8. Resolve to reflect diversity. National Institute on Aging projections tell us that that in 2003, our 65+ population was 83% white. However, by 2030, our older population will be more diverse. 11% will be Hispanic, 10% will be black and 5% will be Asian.

And, with Boomers, diversity is far more than skin deep. The economics and experiences of this enormous group, spanning 18 years, have varied widely. Reflect this increasing diversity in your marketing.
Zip through Todd's Online PowerPoint.

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  1. Today many baby boomers consider themselves part of the new middle aged group especially when it comes to the use of anti aging cosmetics. Advertisers should keep that in mind when advertising to them.

    Arthur Levine


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