01 December 2006

All That Vapid, Mindless Imagery

Dick Stroud, blogger extraordinaire and author of The 50 Plus Market, has pointed us to a company offering interesting images of Baby Boomers and older for web sites and print ads. I railed about the lack of this a few months ago in my post INVASION OF THE BABY BOOMER POD PEOPLE.

Follow the link on Dick's post to Veer. Their images will give you better ideas about how to portray Boomers. Trust me - we're more diverse, multidimensional, intelligent, involved, and interesting than we're being portrayed.

... Okay, so we're not always that interesting.


  1. These are terrific images. Now if advertisers and marketers will just please pay attention.

    My only caveat is that some of us are older than boomers (why do all marketers ignore the 60-plus generation?) and we need am imagery upgrade too.

  2. Oh, Ronni. You're not that old. While you'll wince and whine (like a crabby old Baby Boomer) I consider you a Baby Boomer.

    Read this other post of mine.

    I bet you're the same age as the attractive lady in the stock photo I used in this post - and certainly younger than the lady sipping a milk shake in the slide show on the Veer site.


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