08 December 2006

The Blogging Boomers Carnival

Lifetwo.com has an interesting project going - a handpicked selection of blogs by Baby Boomers:
A collection of leading baby boomer blogs are coming together to create a weekly blogging "carnival" to promote important and relevant information, advice, and community for baby boomers. This will be one of the first blog round-ups of its type aimed specifically at baby boomer-related issues … "One of the reasons baby boomers are under-represented in the blogging world is the shortage of blogs of interest to them -- as well as the difficulty of finding them. "We created BloggingBoomers to fix both of these problems," says Wesley Hein of LifeTwo.
I'm not sure where they're headed - but it wouldn't be a bad bookmark for anybody marketing to Baby Boomers.

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  1. Hey, Chuck, thanks for noticing the new baby boomers carnival. By the way, LifeTwo and The Boomer Chronicles co-founded the carnival. That's me, The Boomer Chronicles. Nifty little site.


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