18 June 2008

Henry Stewart Talks

I've just signed a contract with Henry Stewart Talks:

HSTHenry Stewart Talks publishes animated audio visual presentations by world leading experts - advanced content in a user friendly format. We cover biomedicine, life sciences, advertising, management, marketing and finance. Every talk has been specially commissioned with informative visuals and synchronized narration.

This is thanks to Dick Stroud.  He's putting together an audio visual presentation package and asked me to jump on board. I'll be one of a half-dozen or so contributors:

Dick_Stroud_ImageHenry Stewart Talks Series
Latest thinking in marketing
to the older consumer

Series Editor: Dick Stroud 

There are 20 million people in the UK aged over 50 years old. That’s over 7 million more than in the marketer’s favourite 18-34 age group. In ten years time the 50-plus will outnumber this group by 10 million. When this fact is combined with their huge levels of wealth (over £5 trillion) they become, without question, the most important group of consumers that marketers must understand. The situation is the same in other European countries, the US and Japan.

17 June 2008

Executive Session With Rance Crain

advertising age Rance Crain has been helming a series of video podcast interviews on the Ad Age site.  As befits his position in the industry, he doesn't do much slummin':

KRDDB Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard contemplates the ways creatives and CEOs go wrong in today's rapidly changing marketing industry. The tendency of many young creatives, he says, is to veer into the "weird" rather than the "relevant" in advertising ideas. He also notes that many CEOs hurt their brand by failing to be its ultimate steward in an age of revolving-door CMOs.

arIs the internet only a communications utility or is it an effective venue for building brands? That question is a central issue in this nine-minute video interview with BBDO Chairman Emeritus Allen Rosenshine.

Much (but not all) of what they talk about reflects what I've been saying for years in this blog, in my book, during consultations and presentations. 

As I've said about Mr. Crain: If you don't listen to me, listen to Rance. Now you have two advertising legends you can listen to instead of me.

12 June 2008

My Blog Was WOMMed!

It's been WOMMed before but not so deliciously as this time.

The irony is that I've been railing about WOMM lately - yet the WOMMer had no idea because the post WOMMed wasn't about WOMM.  He/She was probably flying around cyberspace searching for places to leave his/her droppings.

jbl Here's what happened:  I blogged about the Jitterbug phone recently.  A comment showed up in my inbox. I moderate comments before publishing.  Instinctively I knew it stank. 

Usually I don't publish obvious anonymous shilling.  But since I've been talking about WOMM so much - why not use it as the perfect example of such shenanigans?  I clicked the publish button.

Read the first comment - and my comment:

It's from the GREAT CALL IP - the company that owns the Jitterbug phone. Someone who works at the company left the comment - and here's the most egregious part - trashed their competition (The Pantech Breeze phone).

This exemplifies the darkest of the dark side of WOMM.

ftc As an exercise, I tried to track down a way to report this incident to the proper authorities (whatever they are).  I know the Federal Trade Commission is keeping an eye on the WOMMers.  Here's a funny, astute comment on their site.

Then I went to the Church of WOMM: The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).  Surely they'd have an online form where you could report incidents of WOMM abuse.  That's because they're so very concerned about abuse of their new-found faith.  They want to know about any and all vile misdeeds.

Tell me I'm just an incompetent slob - but I could not find a complaint form on their site.  If there is one, let me know.

In England it's all becoming illegal.  Good for them.

I have a few other stories/examples of WOMM and this blog - but I'll save them for another time.

10 June 2008

Selling Bicycles to Boomers

I don't remember how I stumbled upon the first two vids below.

A long time ago in an earlier incarnation I produced, wrote, and directed corporate, PR, and marketing videos not much different from these. So I'm not about to make fun of them (for fear that someone would dig up my forgotten masterpieces).

The first one is Selling To Baby Boomers:

What I found fascinating: There's an age gap between salespeople and customers? Is that really any different than what I've been saying for years?

Same message, same lessons. If you don't believe me, believe to Rance Crain.

And much of it likewise applies to Selling to Women:

But because I'm Mr. Boring, Mr. Flat-Paved-Trails-Only, I was really salivating over these beauties:

5 bikes for boomers
5 bikes for boomers

I want all of them.

09 June 2008

Baby Boomers & Firefox

Firefox 3.0 is about ready for its gallop out of the gate. I test rode a pre-release version and it was lean and fast - but scratched it only because a few of my favorite add-ons weren't compatible yet.

I was also reminded of a post from a few years ago:

"There are more than 63 million baby boomers and 25 million senior citizens online, and Mozilla figures the best way to reach them is for their more tech-savvy kids or relatives to install Firefox for them."

Do you think their antediluvian attitudes have changed since then? Probably not.