02 February 2006

TV Misses Mark Among Older Folks

Last night I found this piece on the Fox News web site:
Networks define their success by the number of viewers they can attract between the ages of 18 and 49, also knownas the "crucial" 18-49 demographic.
I forwarded it to a colleague of mine, Jon Currie. Jon is one of the top media/research guys in L.A. Mr. Currie's client list is quite impressive: CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX-TV, blah, blah, blah. Even the blah, blah, blahs you've heard of.

He sent an email to the editor of the Fox News web site about the article, and CC'd me.

So being the lazy sort, why not simply copy and paste Jon's email and call it a special guest blog entry?

Dear Editor of FoxLife:

This article is so confused and so laden with misinformation, assumptions and innuendo that it literally has made me nauseous

I am 59 and just recently changed my toothpaste. However, I am assuming even though I live in a $2 million house near the ocean, nobody wants my money because all the young people have all the discretionary income - and of course my preferences have been writ in stone for the last 30 or so years.

People, you really need to understand something: Young people are hard to reach on TV because for the most part they don't watch it. It's a lousy place to court young people. My generation grew up with TV. It's our medium. Discard or ignore us at the risk of simply going out of business.

And actually young people have far less money than my generation and there are also less of them. Check the stats, Baby Boomers account for an overwhelming majority of the resources in this country, And we buy things - lots of things. And we are not senior citizens. Do not mix myself and my wife who just got her 2nd masters and is becoming a school principal with folks who sit around and play checkers and use Depends. We just paid off her Volvo. Believe it or not she's considering a Mercedes next. But of course, how can that be? She had her tastes fixed in stone with her first car, a Chevy, 30 years ago. Guess she really can't buy that C-class now.

I will now turn on my Ipod with its Altec-Lansing sound system. Omigod, you old guy, you have one! Yes, actually I turned my 33 year old lawyer son onto it. Of course, no ITunes for me, I am way too old. So what did I get for Christmas? ITunes download credit. Oh no, it can't be! you don't know about those things---go play shuffleboard.

I also introduced all 4 of my grown kids (all professionals) to Coldplay. My wife still has X+Y in her car CD-player. Impossible, go listen to Elvis you relic!

Don't want to program to me? Don't want my money? I am not as desirable as some kid who serves me lattes at Starbucks?

Hmmm, We ended the Vietnam war and began a halt to institutionalized racism and started women's rights. I think we are more than capable of bringing down institutionalized ageism.

Jon E. Currie
Currie Communications, Inc.

01 February 2006

Advisory Board Appointment to Ignite VP

I'm pleased to announce my appointment to The Advisory Board of Ignite VP:
Ignite Venture Partners is an early-stage business incubator focused primarily on the Healthy Living Sector. Our principals have experience researching, working in and launching new ventures in wellness, fitness and medical companies, and have established deep professional relationships with thought leaders, academics, senior executives and investors in these industries.
I'd better lose a few pounds to help create and sustain the illusion that I'm in tip-top physical condition before the first board meeting…

My first project will be helping to get Booming up and running:
Booming will serve as a learning enrichment center where Boomers can find multiple sources of traditional and hands-on learning. The center will also be a gathering place where members can come together through shared interests and passions.
…. and keep scrolling. Lots of other intriguing ventures are happily incubating.

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27 January 2006

Deloitte All Over It

As I write this, Deloitte & Touche has 50+ marketing and advertising all over their main page:
Heads up. Your consumers are changing. The first Baby Boomers turn 60 this year and, by 2008, older consumers will dominate the U.S. marketplace. Your biggest customer base will be 50-to-80 year olds—and they will require your undivided attention.
Inside there's a well-written, easy to digest marketing report (PDF), a podcast featuring Patrick Conroy, and all sorts of goodies tucked away here.

24 January 2006

For Mature Audiences

I don't make it a practice to link to subscription sites - but this is a fun article by Mary Tannen in New York Times Magazine:
Nice as it would be to believe that older women in high places (and a few enlightened men) are at last recognizing the allure of the post-Edenic Eve, that is, a woman with experience who knows what she wants and how to get it, some hard economics may also be wooing the cosmetic and fashion industries away from their long love affair with youth.

It's a free article (not TimesSelect - yet) so if you can't get to it, fill out the form and virtually subscribe. Do it fast before you do have to pay.