01 February 2006

Advisory Board Appointment to Ignite VP

I'm pleased to announce my appointment to The Advisory Board of Ignite VP:
Ignite Venture Partners is an early-stage business incubator focused primarily on the Healthy Living Sector. Our principals have experience researching, working in and launching new ventures in wellness, fitness and medical companies, and have established deep professional relationships with thought leaders, academics, senior executives and investors in these industries.
I'd better lose a few pounds to help create and sustain the illusion that I'm in tip-top physical condition before the first board meeting…

My first project will be helping to get Booming up and running:
Booming will serve as a learning enrichment center where Boomers can find multiple sources of traditional and hands-on learning. The center will also be a gathering place where members can come together through shared interests and passions.
…. and keep scrolling. Lots of other intriguing ventures are happily incubating.

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