16 April 2014

Marketing to PrimeTime Women

Great move by my publishers – releasing an updated paperback edition of Marti Barletta’s Marketing to PrimeTime Women:

imageIn a new executive edition of her ground-breaking book PrimeTime Women, Marti Barletta offers practical applications and advice for getting into the minds, souls, hearts, and wallets of this influential demographic. Marketing to PrimeTime Women delivers a hands-on approach with strategic thinking and tactical ideas geared toward understanding and leveraging this enormously influential sisterhood of consumers.

A link to my review from 2007:

PrimeTime Women by Marti Barletta
PrimeTime Women is a breeze to read. It's like sitting around with Ms. Barletta, chatting. And in the room are dozens of fascinating, ready-to-rumble women, chiming in every so often.

The overarching theme of PrimeTime Women really isn't the money they control - it's that they are taking control of their lives. This is a phenomenon unique to Baby Boomers (and a bit older). After fifty is better than before fifty. There has always been a small percentage of women who bloomed in their later years. For Boomers it's become a generational ethos.

Marti chats about her skepticism of social media marketing:

It all sounds vaguely familiar:

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