19 July 2013

Do PR outfits vet press releases anymore?

The Press Release Parade marches on and on.  Parades from the past:

28 July 2011
The Press Release Parade
I’m on the list.
That doesn’t make me special by any standards. Press Releases are like virtual confetti nowadays.

02 November 2011
The Press Release Parade Marches On
I’m in a bad mood today (for personal reasons) so I’m putting up a nasty post.  It’ll make me feel better.

Recently fallen flakes:

Hi Chuck, hope you’re doing well.
Sorry to bother you as I know you’re busy, but I wanted to see if you’d be interested in a new study/inforgraphic (???) from the online branding optimization technology, S***** … and determines that 77% of web display ads are not seen…

We know this already:

imageAn astounding 54% of online display ads shown in "thousands" of campaigns measured by comScore Inc. SCOR +2.33% between May of 2012 and February of this year weren't seen by anyone, according to a study completed last month.

Don't confuse "weren't seen" with "ignored." These ads simply weren't seen, the result of technical glitches, user habits and fraud.

And when they are seen…

02 May 2011
Click this ad. 0.051% do.

Another flack fleck:

Hello Chuck,
Are you using or losing your brain? Afraid of Alzheimer's? Will doing a few more crossword puzzles help? How about adding more antioxidants to your diet? That's only the beginning...

(stuff about a book)

"A consequence of the brains placidity is that it may change with every experience, thought and emotion, from which it follows that you yourself have the potential power to change your brain with everything that you do, think, and feel." says author A**** F******.

I’m not anal. The missing possessive apostrophe (brain’s) and period where a comma should be doesn’t bother me – although a professional PR outfit might be a bit fussier. 

The unforgivable error in this emailed press release: placidity

I know something about the brain book/game industry:

Human Resources/Brain Power

The word should be plasticity, not placidity.

I contacted the author.  The author responded:

Where did that appear? Yes, of course it should say plasticity.

Do PR outfits vet press releases anymore?