04 March 2013

Wrap Rage Redux

Dick Stroud unpacks the latest in insufferable packaging:

Packaging - a design nightmare
image…As consumers do battle to get their hands on their purchased product it seems that some companies make the task as difficult as possible. The resulting frustration ranges from a mild mutter to uncontrolled ‘wrap rage’…

Not much has changed.  I was ripping into wrapping years ago:

13 June 2005
Wrap Rage

12 June 2006
Boomers in Candyland
… "Bad packaging can make Baby Boomers feel incompetent; as marketers, you don't want to remind this group of people that they don't have the physical skills they had when they were younger."

Now it’s become a 2nd Amendment issue. Many folks believe that you have an inalienable right to protect yourself against Bubble Wrap with high-capacity assault weapons:


If you can get them out of the packaging: