13 March 2013

They watch your shows anyway. Part II

It’s a slow news week, especially when The New York Times poses such a moldy query:

Why Don’t Advertisers Care About Me Anymore?

CVRCompEvery answer to every question in the article can be found in the Intro and 1st Chapter of my book ©2005, 2007, available for free download:

Advertising to Baby Boomers (PDF)

Two swipes from the book:





And/or scroll through some posts:

6 September 2009
Boomer Backlash II
… Why couldn’t it have been a car?  Laundry soap?  Baked Beans? Gender-specific razors? Aluminum foil? A smart phone? Anything but some age-related malady.

08 March 2011
They watch your shows anyway.
[image11.png]… Almost immediately, the gentleman said, “There is no way I could sell this to an advertising agency.  They’re all twentysomethings – and have already told me, ‘Why target people over fifty?  They watch your shows anyway.’”