11 February 2013

Generations Beat Online

Finally, there is easy access to Generations Beat Online, a newsletter that for years was knotty to link to:

Generations Beat Online
GBO NewsE-News of the Journalists Network on Generations
Welcome to the new, improved, lemon-freshened GBO, marking the 20th year of the Journalists Network on Generations. Great new format, same old content…

The man behind the curtain:

Paul Kleyman, Assoc. Director, Ethnic Elders Paul is the national coordinator of the Journalists Network on Generations, a group of 1,100 journalists who cover issues in aging. For 20 years he was the editor of Aging Today, newspaper of the American Society on Aging.

I penned something for Paul and Aging Today way back in 2006 (PDF) when I was a snot-nosed kid.

Bookmark GBO, and subscribe to the newsletter.