31 May 2012

Back To School


Unemployed Baby Boomers Are Getting Hired By Going Back To School
Lucia Mutikani, Reuters
Thousands of Americans aged 55 and older are going back to school and reinventing themselves to get an edge in a difficult labor market…

Productivity experts like Frank Lonergen say it is a mistake to overlook these so-called baby boomers, given their wealth of experience ...  While it is a reasonable expectation that somebody hired at 55 would want to retire at 65, it could also be argued that a 25-year-old would probably not build a career at a single company, he said…

A post from 2005:

Baby Boomers, Adult Communities, and Education
Campus Continuum focuses solely on developing, marketing, and operating university-branded 55+ Active Adult Communities that are tightly integrated with their academic hosts.

Personal fulfillment.  Now add new skills for employment. 

But here are slews of (probably even better) reasons to mix it up and hire older workers.  I’ve been writing about the subject for years, pointing readers to articles and studies galore.

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