10 July 2011

Todd Harff on Generation Reinvention

I know Todd Harff, have blogged about him numerous times:

image10 Ways Marketers Should Grow Up in 2008
Here's a great way to start off the New Year: Todd Harff's PowerPoint Presentation.

Unfortunately, not many followed his advice. 

But advertisers and marketers have another chance.  Todd recently spent an hour with host Brent Green on the internet radio show Generation Reinvention:

imageThe Future of Integrated and Online Marketing to 50+ Consumers
Todd Harff brings a unique perspective to help clients achieve business results. He combines market insight, creative solutions, pragmatic business knowledge, and project management to produce actionable and profitable marketing solutions.

About five minutes in, Todd talks a bit about me.  You can stop listening after that.

Just kidding. That would be a big mistake.  It’s hard to believe, but the show gets better.  Before long Mr. Harff unpacks the real story about Facebook use, the diversity of Adult Communities, how various age groups actually use the web, and his overarching views of marketing to Baby Boomers and older.  His takes are steeped in research and insight. 

It’s an hour well worth your time.