12 December 2010

2010 Review: National and International Advertising to Baby Boomers (PowerPoint)

A narrated PP wrap-up of the year, about 30 minutes, with bonus inclusions – commercials from around the world.

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2010 Review

Links to topics covered in this presentation:

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  1. In case anyone watching this PowerPoint presentation trips over the obvious, Chuck’s 2010 Review is another reason that professionals dedicated to 50+ and Boomer marketing and advertising need to bookmark and read his blog. Nobody, and I mean not-another-soul, has developed such a thorough, global grasp of marketing and product development to these segments. His research is exhaustive and involves hours of daily dedication to finding, synthesizing and analyzing newsworthy developments in media, messages, technologies, and conceptions of aging and business. Better yet, bring Chuck to your organization for an entertaining and educational immersion in what's happening now and in the future. I recommend this with confidence because I've seen Chuck "do his thing" for conferences throughout Europe with equivalent reactions: amused, enlightened and invigorated audiences.