04 February 2010

PMP Spring 2010 Marketing/Advertising Catalog

image Paramount Market Publishing has just released their Spring Catalog – and it’s a huge one, packed with fresh titles, author interviews, and stacks of real and virtual marketing parchment. Click to download. (PDF):

One title just released, one not quite released:

image Custom Surveys Within Your Budget
Maximizing Profits Through Effective Online Research Design
by Brian Cooper and Maria Philips
Custom Surveys acts as a comprehensive guide to cost effectively managing a survey and covers everything from the evaluation of a research program to the actual output and analytics of the research.

image Women, Wealth & Giving
The Virtuous Legacy of the Boom Generation
by Margaret May Damen and Niki Nicastro McCuistion
This uplifting book shares the stories of some of these wise women and how they have found fulfillment through giving. With over 43 million boom-generation women at or nearing the age of retirement.


My book is in there somewhere.

And here they are - Jim (The Publisher), Anne (The Art Director), and Doris (The President).  They’re all laughing and smiling, reading the eBook edition of Advertising to Baby Boomers.

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