19 February 2010

Your Financial Advisor Is Not The Pillsbury Doughboy

A piece with not much new, but worth a look:

image Silver Tsunami: Getting Real with Boomers
By Paul Menchaca   
February 17, 2010

image This independent nature, which many boomers adopted when they were young, is now guiding them to retirement. Autonomy — or the ability to age in place — is part of a five-point value system that Sullivan applies to boomers. The others: Connectivity to family and friends; altruism, or the desire to give back to causes or charities which are important to them; and personal growth, whether it’s mentally or spiritually; and revitalization—through hobbies, travel or other activities.

So what does this mean to advisors?
According to Sullivan, it provides financial imageplanners a means for connecting with their clients.

It all reminds me of a section in my book where I come up with a mock campaign for a financial services company: 

Take a look at this campaign for more inspiration:

Boomer Backlash II
image The new TV commercials have ordinary boomer men and women engaged in some unscripted banter … The TV spots are carefully crafted to appeal to boomers…

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