06 March 2008


Here's something I've been hearing about for awhile - but only in whispers. And it was strange hearing names like Mary Wells, Lesley Stahl, and Liz Smith as wisps, as vapor. Finally - the real virtual thing:
Boldface in Cyberspace: It's a Woman's Domain

The site's five founders, also women of a certain age, are longtime friends and media live-wires: Ms. Evans, formerly the president of Simon & Schuster and an ex-publisher at Random House; Ms. Smith, the gossip columnist; Mary Wells, the advertising executive behind memorable campaigns like "I Love New York"; Peggy Noonan, the political columnist and former presidential speechwriter; and Lesley Stahl, the television news reporter.
But there was no hint (at least for me) of this:
In addition, the founders have signed up some boldface friends to contribute to the site, including Ms. (Candice) Bergen, Joan Juliet Buck, Whoopi Goldberg, Marlo Thomas, Lily Tomlin, Joan Cooney, Judith Martin, Sheila Nevins, Julia Reed and Jane Wagner.
I have no comments about this. Haven't seen it, I'm not the target market. I'll just say it's great that Mary Wells Lawrence is all over it. She's a heroine of mine. I talk about her in my presentations, and often show a famous spot or two that she produced:

Visit wowowow.com.


  1. I just hope they put their mouth where their money is and not give us the glamour and glitz of being a "post boomer." Like I said about Ann Taylor and her line of baby boomer wear, "Show us you really know us!" Come hang out with us in Daytona Beach and be real.

  2. We just posted an interview with your heroine, Mary Wells Lawrence, on our new blog Digital Spritz: http://www.digitalspritz.com/2008/03/ten-questions-f.html

  3. Good piece, Angela. Let me embed the link for easy clicking:

    Mary Wells Lawrence Interview on Digital Spritz

    Best wishes for your new blog.


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