20 March 2008

Fun Only

I've been hanging around the web for an eternity. At least it seems so. Since 1994.

In 1995 I was tossing up web pages. In 1996 I was asked to join a community where we all wrote blogs before they were called blogs. Click the thumbnails on the right.

At the time it was a hobby, my biz life being advertising. In 2003 I combined the two - leaving the pure Boomer stuff behind. In 2005 I switched platforms, setting up a standard business blog. And wrote a book.

Sometimes I miss simply pointing people to web sites of interest. So for a change this post is a bit of what I did in the olden days:

The Boomer Capsule is worth a click. There are a bunch of fun flash slide shows, commemorating the years we've lived. At the moment The Boomer Capsule is pure surface. My guess is that it'll go deep soon. Check back in a month or two.

The best place for music: Wolfgang's Vault.

There's been a site up ever since I can remember: HowStuffWorks. I've meandered over there hundreds of times whenever I'm curious about the innards and workings of just about anything in the universe. I chuckled when finding this topic: How Baby Boomers Work. Are we spring-loaded? Affected by the tides? Need batteries?

Mark Middleton and Bill Shafer are finally out of the gate and racing around the track like manic horses in a Tex Avery cartoon. Good for them.

You'll unearth video, radio, all sorts of nuggets at GrowingBolder.com. And some serious pieces. It's a carnival of media - like a web site should be. (And bringing it back to business for a second - you'll also find a few marketing/advertising related Growing Bolder Radio interviews with Marti Barletta and guess who.)

I'll do my best to write about "fun only" sites more often.


  1. A very creative post. Congratulations. Lots of interesting referrals.

    I write blog The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide at http://boomersurvive-thriveguide.typepad.com.

  2. I'm with you on this one. Growing Bolder is Hot! I appreciate what they bring to cyberspace---plus the fact that I'm actually going to be a guest on their show this coming Monday (March 31).


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