02 November 2007

Playing Catch-Up & A Couple of Spots

Weird to see stuff I’ve been saying for years – in my book and in my blog – being passed off as ‘news’ by Gannett:

Boomers Logging On

I guess they’re playing catch-up.

Two TV spots getting a lot of press:

Dylan’s Cad commercial is, as you might guess, an oddball one. I don’t mind it because it’s not pandering or nostalgic. It’s Ol’ Bob today – embedded with new(er) music. Sure, the spot harkens back to one of his great pieces (directed by D.A. Pennebaker) – but it’s not junky like this. And he’s promoting his radio show. Smart guy.

People are arguing about whether Mr. Dylan has ‘sold out’. In fact, for the last forty-odd years any time he’s done anything that’s always been the main question. It’s a major, major concern among many. However, being in advertising, I often worry about the products. Did Fender (electric) Guitars sell out by letting Bob play one?

And Geico’s Chatty Cathy is just funny, clever - not nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake.

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