18 July 2006

Jeff Taylor: Eons

I blogged about Jeff Taylor and Eons a few months ago.

Here's an interview with Jeff on Peter Clayton's Total Picture Radio©. Jeff doesn't say much - but he says just enough for me to be champing at the bit until July 31st. (So I guess he said more than enough....)

And AdAge has chimed in.

I'll stick my neck out and make a prediction: Eons will be a happy-time AARP.

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  1. Eons is actually the second Social Network for Boomers and Seniors.

    FriendsOver50.com was launched in January with a similar mission. Jeff Taylor simply had the $10million required to make sure you all know about it.

    It is about so much more than dating.........
    FriendsOver50.com is a Free interactive online community for mature adults that want a new way to connect, communicate and share information with people with similar interests,issues and challenges.

    FriendsOver50.com is a place where we can make new friends, reconnect with friends of old and share meaningful information about improving our quality of life as we get older.

    Tell your Mum!


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