11 July 2006

50+ Marketing DVD

Evergreen Marketing (Australia, New Zealand) has produced a sterling DVD titled Marketing to the 50+ Market:
Marketing to the 50+ Market contains revealing insights into:
  • Generational Marketing
  • Myths about brand loyalty and the older consumer
  • Understanding the spending power of the 50+
  • Advertising and online channels for an older audience
I've watched the DVD twice. Gill Walker does a thorough job walking us through the basic concepts and necessities. It's a presentation that would benefit any company with products and/or services for Baby Boomers. If screened to a group, be prepared for it to ignite wise discussion.

My take is that 85-90% of what Gill says applies here in the States. Dick Stroud in England certainly thinks it's a valuable tool:
“…Gill Walker really does understand 50+ marketing. What is more she knows how to translate the marketing theory into marketing practice. I really enjoyed the DVD…” — Dick Stroud
For me, the Australian TV commercials Gill picked were a kick—the good ones and the bad ones.

Information about ordering the Marketing to the 50+ Market DVD.

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