12 December 2011

Holiday Ornaments

XmasTreeJust a few baubles to hang on your tree:

imageBaby boomers seek green gifts
Written by Theresa Keegan For The Poughkeepsie Journal
“The majority of our customers are the boomer age and are more aware of things like green gifts and fair trade,” said Norbert Lazar, co-owner of the Phantom Gardener.

Two posts from February:

Green GrandBoomers in Toyland
"I think that the success of our company, shows that there is clearly a wide segment of the population that will pay a little more for environmentally friendly toys," said von Goeben, whose toys cost roughly a third more than comparable playthings made from conventional materials.

Green Boomers Redux
Baby Boomers have been influencing society since the 1960s when they planted the seeds of the modern day green movement when as idealistic youths, gathered to celebrate the first Earth Day, in 1970…

imageimageHuffington Post Senior Writer Ann Brenoff cracked me up with some of her non-ideas for presents this year:

Holiday Gifts Post50s Don't Want
This is the time of year when we scratch our heads and try to figure out what to give our friends and loved ones for the holidays. I thought I would make it easy and tell you precisely what not to get the boomers on your list -- especially if I'm one of them.

A copy of "Internet for Dummies."

No kidding.  From my book ©2005:


Anything cruise-related.

Again, from my book:



imageimageThe Wall Street Journal was smart kind enough to pick up my blog posting about a great gift for Marketing and Advertising Folk.

gbCongrats to Gill Walker and Evergreen Advertising & Marketing in Australia for two International Generations Awards! Gill also contributed a rollicking tale in the book profiled above.  

imageMore parents helping kids buy homes
One in five baby boomer couples have already given at least one of their children the means to purchase a home -- either buying it outright, furnishing the down payment or co-signing the loan, according to a survey from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

imageimageAnd everyone is picking the top 10, top 100 books of the year.  Here’s one I’ve yet to read, but it gets my nod for funniest title of 2011:

imageBeverly Mahone is a veteran journalist and baby boomer who has spent more than 30 years in radio and television broadcasting.  She says her book was written to help fellow boomers who are transitioning from corporate America into their own businesses or entrepreneurship.