01 August 2011

Don’t Call Them Old (Is Old)

I saw this headline floating on my monitor, and clicked:

imageDon't call them old
By Bruce Posten
31 July 2011
Bruce PostenMany baby boomers are in their 60s but not ready to retire or seek services for senior citizens … many defiant baby boomers apparently prefer to believe in encores rather than final acts. For them, aging and retirement have become somewhat problematic in a variety of ways…

Looked familiar.  At least the headline.  I dug into my dusty ethereal drawers and found this from almost eight years ago:

imageDon't call them old
by Jean Starr
14 December 2003
No old standards
Jean StarrChuck Nyren is a leading creative consultant, copywriter, and columnist, who focuses on baby boomer demography, sociology and culture.
"Not wanting to get/be/look older isn't anything new. However, baby boomers will do it a bit differently," he said. "Looking and being healthy will be more important than toupees and botox. While botox and the like are getting a lot of press, I'm guessing only a small percentage of people are using stuff like that. Being able to ride a bike, play tennis and garden will be more important than looking good and feeling (bad)."

The more things stay the same, the more they stay the same.