25 March 2009

Was Bill being a Baby Boomer?

mix09 Joe Wilcox of Microsoft-Watch.com comments on Bill Buxton’s Keynote at MIX09:

Bill Buxton 'Mix'-es It Up
bb2 Bill Buxton, principal researcher for Microsoft research, stormed the Mix stage. What a start! … The 60-year-old showed that excellence knows no age, and that Baby Boomers can teach something to tech-savvy Gen Xers and Net Gen-ers … Bill roamed the stage like a caged cat. He has a stereotypical mad scientist look, and he rambles like one, too … I love this guy.

The 60-year-0ld showed that excellence knows no age! What a revelation!

Joe then makes this comment:

But was Bill being a Baby Boomer or does he understand something essential about the tactile nature of design?

What does ‘being a baby boomer’ mean?  Does it mean that you’re brainy and insightful – or anarchical and wacky?  Can’t you be both?

What do you think Joe thinks he thinks?

To help you decide, here’s Bill Buxton presenting at MIX09:

And here’s someone presenting who (according to Joe, I’m guessing) is simply ‘being a Baby Boomer’: 

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