01 December 2007

The Same Old, Same Old Redux

As usual, nothing new in the news about marketing to Baby Boomers:
Tech giants target older buyers - and their cash
"Today's older generation is primed to buy and consume new technologies like no previous group of seniors," says David Kelly, president of technology research company Upside Research.
What fresh insight. Here's the pull-quote on the cover of the 1st edition of my book:

That's from late 2004.

Even my friend Matt, quoted in the USA Today piece, must be getting tired of saying:
"Any company wanting to grow their business in the next 10 years better have a strategy for marketing to those 50-plus," warns Matt Thornhill, founder of baby-boomer-focused market research company Boomer Project.
In 2005 I was a guest on The Advertising Show. You can listen to it - although it's pretty long. What's funny is that someone was on recently and simply repeated everything I said - as if it were all new stuff discovered by his company.

Merely the same old, same old - over and over again.

It's time to move on from the Why to the How. That's what I focus on in my presentations, consulting work - and the revised edition of the book.


  1. You are correct, Swami, we am getting tired of saying the same thing over and over again to reporters. Had to do it twice more today.

    The good news in this story, we think, is that there are tech companies targeting older consumers, not just talking about it.

    Now, if only we could get them to do it right...

  2. Oh, I totally agree with you. We are up for the same challenge here in the Netherlands. We keep on talking and talking and talking. Carrying out researches that provide results we already know. Ever since 2003 hardly any real campaign has been started targetting the 50 plus or babyboomer audience. Ridiculous if you'd ask me. But how am I going to change the why in the how and eventually the how in the 'like this?'.


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