27 May 2008

Sex, Sex, and Sex

Let's Talk About Sex (Newsweek)

BOOMER LOVE (San Francisco Chronicle)

Putting The 'Boom' In Boomer
(CBS News Online)

How well I remember the media all over us when we were teenagers because we were having sex. Now they're all over us again because we're still having sex.

I wish they'd shut up and go away so we can have sex.

25 May 2008

Thanks, MarketingSherpa

For your generous review:
Baby boomers make up 25% of the US population, hold 70% of US assets and spend $2 trillion annually. It's time we discovered opportunities for infomercials, Internet ads and branding catered to the young-at-heart. 'Advertising to Baby Boomers' uses straightforward, jargon-free language to guide advertisers, business owners and agencies on how to craft campaigns successfully.

The author, Chuck Nyren, a veteran creative strategist, explains how to approach this important demographic. This second edition update is divided into three sections. The first part helps us understand boomers' self-image and desires; the second suggests how to market to them; and the third offers practical resources.

Nyren employs wit, helpful asides and experts' citations to refute stereotypes that damage campaigns. He reinstates respect for the demographic that's often insulted by well-intentioned- but-flawed advertising. Some of his suggestions include abstaining from poking fun of boomers' age (i.e., targeting them for cliché products). He also advises showing facts instead of using elaborate illustrations to explain why boomers need something.

So, if you want to avoid pigeonholing baby boomers and confusing or angering the demographic with your humor, check out this readable 182-page foundation for reaching them. We promise it will be filled with underlines.

21 May 2008

Baby boomers are smarter than you think

It seems as if I’m smarter than I think I am:
Baby boomers are smarter than you think
Researchers have confirmed what many mature people already know – intelligence actually gets sharper with age.
Yeah? Then how come I didn’t know this already?

… Oh, that’s right. Baby Boomers aren’t ‘mature.’ We think we’re still youngsters.
Wisdom increases with age, research says
Scientists have discovered that intelligence, instead of peaking in our youth, remains stable and in some respects gets sharper as we grow older.
And the New York Times is weighing in. When we think we're losing it, we're actually gaining it:
Older Brain Really May Be a Wiser Brain
When older people can no longer remember names at a cocktail party, they tend to think that their brainpower is declining. But a growing number of studies suggest that this assumption is often wrong. Instead, the research finds, the aging brain is simply taking in more data and trying to sift through a clutter of information, often to its long-term benefit ...

"...Older adults, because they’ve retained all this extra data, they’re now suddenly the better problem solvers. They can transfer the information they’ve soaked up from one situation to another."
Hmmm. I keep hearing that 50 is the new 30. Now I’ll be hearing that 50 is the new 70.

20 May 2008

Funerals Are For The Dead

As the old saying goes, “Funerals are for the living.” Not anymore. Now there’s a place where you can theme, decorate, and DJ from the grave (or wherever you happen to end up) – thanks to two Baby Boomers: Nancy Bush and Sue Kruskopf.
Plan your own funeral online
By Jackie Crosby
The generational cohort known as the baby boomers brought us the anti-war movement, the civil rights movement, the women's movement and the gay rights movement.

Could the death movement be next?
I talked a bit about this in my book. From Chapter Five:

My Wonderful Life's promotional video is very cute. I’ll embed it here not because I think it’s so brilliantly funny – but consider this: Would you have seen a spot like this for funeral services twenty years ago? One with even a hint of humor? We’ve had quite an impact on almost everything.

Of course, when I die I want a funeral procession with an old rickety horse-drawn carriage, open coffin, priests with long beards in long robes waving incense, and hundreds of women dressed in black and wailing.

But that’s just me. My personal statement.