11 June 2008

Millennium's CIRCUS Magazine Available

circus_jun08For you lucky folks with free subscriptions, it's probably arrived by post. Now the PDF is available for download.

A few words from the Editor:


The most recent IMMN Webinar - reviewed here by Carol Orsborn Ph.D - looks at Boomers in the USA today and in 20 years time. Ex-pat Sunday Times finance writer, William Kay, surveys the advertising scene in sunny California, and optimistic Tracey Matters opens the doors on Social Marketing Down Under. Deborah Tanner reviews our ‘Mad
Men’ role models, then joins psychotherapist Carol Martin-Sperry in recording personal responses to UK charity appeals. Ex-IBM EMEA director, Dr Michael Chamberlain, who founded Marketing Week, Design Week and Precision Marketing, reveals his light-bulb moment. Plus more cultured pearls from regulars Richard Butt, Michael Hinchliffe and Lyn Middlehurst. As the Americans (incorrectly) say: “Enjoy!”

Yeah, I'm in it. Carol Orsborn reviews my a-few-months-ago IMMN webinar co-hosted by Dr. John Migliaccio of The Metlife Mature Market Institute. You should download it simply to see a horrible picture of me. (Unfortunately, it's one that actually looks like me.)

milA top-notch offering, this issue of CIRCUS. It holds its own with the rest of them.

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