05 April 2008

All CIRCUS Issues Now Available

The Millennium web site has a dapper new design

And they’ve tossed up all issues of CIRCUS as PDFs. These are great (and fun) resources for people/companies interested in marketing to 50+. I’ve contributed three or four articles over the last few years.

It’s a long, convoluted story not worth telling in full – but to make it simple …

I sent Steve Hall of AdRants a CIRCUS PDF a few weeks ago and it ended up in the hands of Angela Natividad (someone I also follow). Angela works with Steve on AdRants. She posted about CIRCUS – and mistook it for a consumer lifestyle magazine for people over fifty. It’s really a B2B agency organ:

'Circus' Knows How to Make Use of a Bombshell, Among Other Things
Circus is this brilliant boomer lifestyle magazine …
Then some comments appeared – ones like, “…Thanks for pointing toward this pub. And I totally agree regarding the content and more importantly the attitude” and “LOVE THIS”.

So ...

What if something like CIRCUS were a consumer mag? A colorful, outrageous, irreverent, well-written and designed zine without the obvious aspirational claptrap intermixed with ‘you’re getting old let’s show you what you can do about it’ messages? A magazine that doesn’t constantly pander to and insult the intelligence of its readers? Something that (to use an archaic phrase) is ‘cutting-edge’ for people over fifty?

Creating such a magazine has been a fantasy of mine for awhile now. In Jolly Ol’ E, Millennium is doing it – but they don’t know it. (Or maybe they do and we’ll be seeing an English version of my fantasy any time now.)


  1. Chuck, just dropped by today to see what's up with you and say thanks for being a fan of mine on Technorati. I attempted to return the favor but don't know if I was successful.

    Did you see my story on "Elder Story Telling Place' on Thursday? It's a little slice of the 60s/70s.

    This week we had the anniversary of Dr. King's assassination and the birth of the Peace symbol.

    I wrote about both on Friday. I have a "Selma" connection with King and a Generational Connection with the peace Symbol.

    Sorry this comment is so Damn long.

    I should have just put it in an E-mail but I'm lazy and I was already here at your site.

    I like your magazine Idea a bunch. Why don't you go for it?



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