11 March 2008

Millennium's CIRCUS 6

It's always a gas contributing to Millennium's colorful (colourful?) agency organ, CIRCUS:
The start of a new business year provides the perfect annual opportunity for a fresh start or at least to embrace some 'progressive modification'. Will you dare to be great in 2008? Or will you prefer to repeat into old age the formulae that worked in your youth? In the last month of 2007, IMMN provided direct access to World Wide Wisdom through a webinar - the first but not the last. The long arm of the Internet also made it possible for US-based mature market guru, Chuck Nyren, to see UK work for VW Passat and file his disapproval by e-mail. French-English fusion Veronique Briant shares her international experience on the value of profiling. French-educated relationship
counsellor Carol Martin-Sperry calls it how she sees it for those in their Third Age, where the spirit may be willing but the flesh still needs a tweak. Former international adman David Wethey turns to recent US medical research to add his analytical insight to sex by numbers. Currently in Cape Town, Richard French shares his fears of failing to recover his just rewards in a US Court. Plus Tony Hertz, Lyn Middlehurst, Michael Hinchliffe, Mike North, Nicholine Hayward, Richard Butt, Brian Palmer and David Banks. Enjoy!

At the moment the latest issue is only available as a hardcopy for subscribers (it's free). I slimily finagled a PDF from the publishers, and extracted a few images - along with Reg's introductory text. Eventually the whole thing should be on the Millennium web site. A few past issues are available as PDFs (click the Mature Market box and you'll find CIRCUS.

For now, if you are not a subscriber you'll just have to feel deprived. (Although if you beg me, I might send you the PDF - although Millennium'll probably get mad at me). I'll post when the latest issue is available on their web site.

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