05 January 2007

Millennium's 50+ Marketing Mag Now A Free Download

Millennium Direct is offering their Circus Magazine as free PDFs. Click the Circus graphic when you get there.
Welcome to Circus, our B2B newsletter that’s designed to stimulate ‘mature thinking’. With contributions from experts in the industry, our aim is to debate and discuss mature issues, to be at times controversial but above all, entertaining and fun.
I posted about Circus awhile ago - and about their Executive Creative Director Kevin Lavery.

In issue 2 there's an article by guess who. A fresh one is slated for issue 3.

You really should download and distribute these glittering pieces of ether. Good writing and commentary, fun graphics - all about the 50+ Market. Dick Stroud, Gill Walker and Reg Starkey are regular contributors.

Update 1/12/07: Here's an interview with Kevin Lavery. Scroll a smidge and he talks about Circus:
The response from clients, suppliers and prospects has been fantastic with many saying that the articles bring the whole debate to life as opposed to just looking at boring old statistics.
Sounds like he's also describing my book. Maybe that's why he liked it.

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