22 August 2005

A Surprise Email

I received a surprise email over the weekend from Kevin Lavery. It was a surprise because I don't know him, although I certainly know of him. He's the Executive Creative Director and co-founder of Millennium Direct: The UK's first advertising and communications group specialising exclusively in the Mature (50+) Market.

Mr. Lavery said that he read my book and "It's going to be obligatory reading for the staff in the agency."

Quite an honor. Although I'm not sure anybody at Millennium really needs to read it. They know plenty already. (However, other advertising agencies, clients and potential clients of agencies, entrepreneurs … well, that's another story.)

Kevin also asked permission to pull a few quotes from Advertising to Baby Boomers for his speaking engagement next month at The Baby Boomer and Senior Marketing conference in Sydney, Australia. (Again, quite an honor.) Gill Walker of Evergreen Marketing Communications is also presenting.

Make sure you do check out the Millennium Direct web site. There are a couple of simple, direct, no-nonsense flash presentations definitely worth watching.

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